23 - Male - Midlands, England, UK. I generally like alot of music.

Fred Perry clothing, Adidas Trainers and Timberland Boots.

I also like cars, especially Ford Mustangs.

I have much to say but I don't know how to articulate it, so feel free to be inquisitive.

I was raised on a diet of The Smiths and Pink Floyd

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Lol they’ll be black for the fashions it offers but once shit gets serious they’re MIA.

Why are you guys all surprised lol? 
No one who actually cared about us would dehumanize us and capitalize on our shinny parts


are you dumbasses that fucking stupid
Are you honestly trying to blame white pop stars for something that’s going on in Ferguson?
Jesus fucking christ on a cracker I don’t see any of you there 

Maybe if you’d shut the fuck up and understand what the post meant you wouldn’t sit their looking like a dumbass. Honestly, if you’re white and don’t understand what we (black people) see as wrong in this situation, your opinion is irrelevant and you can’t take stage left exit off this post.

"your opinion is irrelevant and you can leave this post dumbass shut the fuck up"
How you know when a SJW doesn’t have a leg to stand on.  
But we are talking about someone stupid enough to think a Canadian teenage pop star has some moral obligation to get involved with something happening in a small American town because a black man wrote music for him. 

You’re definitely missing the entire point of this. I’ll put it in Layman’s terms so you’ll understand. ALL. THESE. PEOPLE. OUT. HERE. LOVE. TO. TAKE. FROM. BLACK. CULTURE. FOR. ITS. LOOKS. BUT. NEVER. A. DAY. IN. THEIR. LIVES. WOULD. THEY. WANT. TO. ACTUALLY. BE. BLACK.
Did I SAY Justin or Miley were responsible for what’s happening? No the fuck I didn’t. The point of the post was that all these white people who like copying black culture wouldn’t want to step foot into our actual world. You completely missed the point of the post and I’m not about to go back and forth with someone who obviously has a predicament with understanding and wanting to understand.

No I understand perfectly well sweetheart
I just think everything you just said
Is really fucking stupid,. 
"Umm if you’ve ever had a black influence in your work as an artist or been inspired by black artists that means you want to be black and it is your duty to personally be a white saviour whenever something bad befalls the black community regardless of your knowledge, understanding or expertise of the situation"
Again, as several people have said, nobody sees Nicki Minaj saying a single peep about the situation in Ferguson?  
And again, you screech that Macklemore is being a privileged piece of shit when he gets involved in LGBT rights and is speaking over gay people, but now you are calling him a piece of shit for not getting involved in Ferguson?

Its a classic case of damned if you do, damned it you don’t.  If these people spoke up, Tumblr would accuse them for speaking for black people, appropriating their suffering, speaking over black people or trying to be their white savior.
At least by not speaking on the subject they avoid sticking their foot into their mouths.  And it seems like they’re following the lead of many black musicians, who haven’t commented on the shooting.

I’m so embarrassed for these SJWs.

I don’t want to sound like that guy, but honestly until you’re about 21/22, your opinions, however radical, don’t matter.

Not to me. Not to your parents. Not to your teachers. Not to politicians. Not to your employer. Not to your doctor. The list goes on.

You’ll realise why as soon as you hit 21/22.

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Trigger Warning

A phrase posted at the beginning of various posts, articles, or blogs. Its purpose is to warn weak minded people who are easily offended that they might find what is being posted offensive in some way due to its content, causing them to overreact or otherwise start acting like a dipshit. Popular on reddit SRS or other places that social justice warriors like to hang out.

Trigger warnings are unnecessary 100% of the time due to the fact that people who are easily offended have no business randomly browsing the internet anyways. As a result of the phrases irrelevance, most opinions that start out with this phrase tend to be simplistic and dull since they were made by people ridiculous enough to think that the internet is supposed to cater to people who can’t take a joke.

Trigger warning: If you think this phrase needs to be posted before politically incorrect opinions, you don’t belong on the internets.

I’d be likely to write about my crippling back pain this evening, caused by work but I’ve been informed that would be ableist and something to do with me being privileged because I’m white and have to work hard for a living. Or something

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